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We all have questions about our hamsters

Here's a place to find help!

Hamster Help
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Tired of people saying take it to the vet?

Looking for a place that offers real hamster help?

Then join this community to find what you've been looking for!


* I know, I hate communities that have rules too because they always slip something important in & I dont even feel like reading all of them... but you gotta have them to keep things in line unfortunately.

1) After joining the community, fill out the application on the first post. The reason that is there is so that there is proof that you are indeed a hamster owner or at least have HAD hamsters in the past.

2) NO DRAMA. It explain's itself. No one likes drama.

3) You may tell someone they should take their hamster to the vet but only after you have provided some sort of advice or experience that they are having. Replying with saying "take it to the vet ASAP" is rude & unhelpful.

4) DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE FEEL BAD FOR BEING UNABLE TO TAKE THEIR HAMSTER TO THE VET. This will get you BANNED. A lot of people buy hamsters because they are one of the easiest pets to care for, no one ever plans on taking them to the vet. And vets are not cheap!

5) You may post anything hamster related: random information, pictures of your hamster, something odd they did... anything you want.

6) If you are posting pictures of your hamster please put them under an LJ cut.


I know some people may forget or not know how & please dont point that out. THATS MY JOB! lol

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [ hamster.help@gmail.com ]